Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cove

If you grew up watching Flipper, as I did,have a soft spot in your heart for our fellow mammal-the dolphin, as I do, you HAVE to watch The Cove. It can be rented on iTunes. It is at times hard to watch- but not impossible.It is moving, suspenseful, enthralling and even uplifting.

The man behind Flipper, Rick O'Barry, has dedicated his life to saving them. He feels responsible for what has happened to dolphins because of the success of Flipper.

This movie is remarkable. The movie brought home to me how beautiful nature is, how much we humans have done to destroy it and how much we need to do to try to rectify it.

I feel SO guilty now for ever having swam with dolphins at a resort hotel.
I will NEVER go to Sea World again.

To honor them-watch the movie.
And watch till the very very end- there is a snippet there that will make you smile BIG..

This movie is OSCAR worthy. I sure hope it wins.


  1. I absolutely agree, but I cannot watch. Just know that I would go to bat for them - write a letter, send a donation, etc., but I can't watch.

  2. Films like this are so difficult to watch, but one must. I stopped eating anchovies after watching such a film and seeing what goes on off the coast of Argentina. We as a people have choices. Thank you for a most insightful post!

  3. Thanks you guys for your commments.. I was SO afraid to watch it until I heard the director ask at the Critics Choice Awards-how many of you are afraid to watch it? and the he said DON'T BE..He is quite right..It was suspenseful, sad AND uplifting..


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