Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going Once, Going Twice...

 Well, it's that time of year again.. for the FACES OF KIBERA auction on eBay.
It starts this year on Black Friday at noon and continues till Dec 6th.

There are sooo many goodies for that Giants and Steelers fan of yours- autographed balls and helmets and game ready jerseys .. 4 VIP seats to the Giants-Panthers Game- the last regular season game at Giants Stadium-with on field passes for pre-game- seats are behind the Giants bench on the 50. We also have a realllyyy special Giants experience for 2- spend the day with the Radio Team for the Giants-Eagles game.This includes having fun with Russ Salzberg as he does his pre game show,  time in the booth during the game, on field pre-game and hanging out for the post game interviews.We also have a special treat- a VIP adventure for four next summer- at Giants Training Camp in Albany- watch the practice from the field and have lunch with the players!!! We also have a really cool paperweight.It's an exact  replica of the Steelers Super Bowl Ring..It is HUGE and it is HEAVY and it is EXCLUSIVE- only members of the Steelers organization are able to purchase it...

 -A very exciting Broadway show- A Little Night Music with the one and only Angela Lansbury and the triple threat, and uber gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones..

- A rockin drum skin signed by the most famous drummer in the world Ringo Starr!

-An experience we all want- a table at Rao's- for EIGHT!!! on a Thursday night... This doesn't include dinner but come on- Rao's THE impossible reservation-and for good reason. I've been there- it is fantastic.

-And last but certainly not least... for that Fox News Lover out there- a very special Experience ... More to come on that..

And let's not forget... it's for the children.. This precious girl, who I have cuddled and LOVE.. She is the reason for all of this. So go to the site HERE and read all about it and don't forget to check out the auction and spread the word to your friends and family..THANK YOU!!

PS... We are also having a Very Special Private Family and Friends Auction at the same time for 3 unbelievable experiences. It is SO SPECIAL that I cannot even mention here what you could win...If you are interested please email me at facesofkibera.auction@gmail.com and if approved, I'll give you the link..

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