Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Foggy Day in London Town... always wonderful....

That's how I spent the weekend before Christmas.

In London Town.

For a whirlwind 2 days.

I spent my days walking the streets around my hotel, the Cardogan.
A shoppers dream. Went to Anya Hindmarch, Harrods,Browns,the new mini Liberty and so on.

But the highlight of the shopping excursion was my favorite store in the world- Liberty of London- the real one- on Regent Street.

It is like going back in time when you walk up to the building. The place is filled with history.

The place is a MUST SEE . The floors squeak(love it!!)

You can find Liberty fabrics from long ago- still in production. They have fabrics, needlepoint's,buttons, vintage jewelry,shoes, lingerie, gorgeous rugs, bed linens,a great kitchen shop, all the top designers plus their own Liberty designs- which I personally am a HUGE fan of.AND they just added a boutique of Svensskt Tenn. So hip. There is nothing hipper or unique as Liberty- Barneys- you should weep.

And of course, have tea in the Liberty's Tea Room.

I did.

I had a Cream tea which included tea of choice(Darjeeling) and 2 scones with clotted cream (the best) and jam.

AND Cream of Mushroom Soup (my favorite soup)and crusty bread. The waitress thought I was nuts getting both- and I probably was..but had to have both.

London at Christmas time. No place does it better...

They have this lovely tradition-the Pantomime.
Pantomime , which they call "pantho' for short, is not the same as a mime. "It is a musical-comedy theatrical production traditionally found in Great Britain, Canada, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Gibraltar and Malta, and is usually performed during the Christmas and New Year season.Traditionally performed at Christmas, with family audiences consisting mainly of children and parents, British pantomime is now a popular form of theatre, incorporating song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, cross-dressing, in-jokes, audience participation, and mild sexual innuendo."(wikpedia)

I saw "Cinderella, The Shoe Must Go On"- It was excellent. It was a benefit for the Starlight Foundation. For a clip click HERE .So well done.So Clever. And a lovely young lady, Chelsea, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, had her dream of performing on London's West End come true . She was part of the production and did a beautiful dance number, in a sparkly silver dress, dancing in the fog. Not a dry eye in the place.


  1. chelsea was wonderful in the clip... i wish i went with you to see it, the pictures of london looked magical! what a treat! we must plan another trip there for the holidays xo maggie

  2. My husband has family in England and once year we went to London at Christmas time. Oh the store windows! It was just magical. I did go to Harrod's but not Liberty of London. :(
    Next time.

  3. next time for sure you HAVE to go there- it is so up your alley- plan on a few hours for sure!


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