Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kenyan Christmas

Well, I'm tickled green and red...

Daryn Kagan is off to Kenya today to visit Kate Fletcher and the girls of Hekima Place for 2 weeks.Early in 2008, I sent out a mass email to all my friend's about Kate and Hekima Place. Daryn was so moved by Kate's story that she featured her on , as many of you know.

And now here she is- off to Kenya , all do to that email...Wow.

As you know, 5 of the girls from the orphanage that Faces of Kibera aids are now living a wonderful life at Hekima Place!

I am filled with joy.
I can't wait to read all her updates about her trip.
I'll keep you all posted as well so we can experience the journey with her.

God Bless you Daryn.

To read Daryn's Blog entry today- "Today Begins An Amazing Journey"-click here .

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