Thursday, March 26, 2009


Did you ever notice how the rain smells different in winter than in any other season? What does it smell like?


But rain in the spring, summer or fall...
What does it smell like??

I like to think it smells like heaven.
Or close to grandparent's tiny front porch in Clairton.

Don't know why, but when it rains and I get that certain "whiff" I am back there on that porch, 11 years old, in my polyester shorts and striped shirt,playing Old Maid's with my sisters as we wait for the rain to let up.

It just happened again today- which gave me the hope that Spring REALLY is here and yes, my grandparents are here too, if only in spirit.

In truth, like most other things on this planet of ours, it is a chemical reaction of sorts.

"As it turns out, the smells people associate with rainstorms can be caused by a number of things. One of the more pleasant rain smells, the one we often notice in the woods, is actually caused by bacteria! Actinomycetes, a type of filamentous bacteria, grow in soil when conditions are damp and warm. When the soil dries out, the bacteria produces spores in the soil. The wetness and force of rainfall kick these tiny spores up into the air where the moisture after a rain acts as an aerosol (just like an aerosol air freshener)... These spores have a distinctive, earthy smell we often associate with rainfall. The bacteria is extremely common and can be found in areas all over the world, which accounts for the universality of this sweet "after-the-rain"

But I don't care much about biology.

I care more about what's inside my heart. And my heart says... they are here with me now and always.

And my heart is leaping.

photos by flickr... pullihora lepiaf.geo imkemper kirainet katiescrapbooklady amy_b


  1. sooo cute !! i miss them dearly too ! and all of our wonderful memories that they gave us xo maggie

  2. Kass,
    What a lovely my line of business I am very aware of how closely related scent and memories are...we have a fragrance that when I first smelled it, I started to cry because I immediately had an image of my Grandmother. We have another that when I smell it, I am once again standing in front of the bushes in my homemade Easter dress getting my picture taken.
    I loved this post...and your sweet memories of rain and your grandparents were very poignant...


  3. Thanks Susie- aren't grandmas the best- we are both so blessed to actually be grandmas now!We both had wonderul teachers on how to be a good grandma!


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