Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello from Kenya...

The other day was the 4th anniversary of Hekima Place and we were lucky to be there for the moving celebration . The day began with a Mass under a tent on the property.

The little ones danced the priest up to the altar with their traditional dress.

2 of the girls that were originally from Kibera were baptized.

Of course there had to be a little something to distract us from the moment,

Those would be Safari ants...

For those of you who read the POISONWOOD BIBLE, you would recall, as I did, the horrible scene when the entire village fled their homes, which had been invaded by them. When they returned, the chickens were skeletons, eaten alive by those blasted ants!

I , on the other hand was jumpy the whole time, looking down at my feet, which were,for the most part up in the air- in a Pilates move, the entire time, as were my friends.

They decided to intrude the Mass but Kate and Father were real troopers and stood amidst being bit while handing out Communion.

I was told if they did start to attack, that one must take off your clothing immediately and get them off of you because they bite and do not let go.

I got to say,even with that horrible distraction it was one of the most moving, memorable Masses I have ever been to..

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