Friday, August 28, 2009

Safari on the Mara

I was like my mom when it came to safaris. They sounded great but it wasn't a big priority in my life "to do" list.

Boy was I wrong..

Imagine waking up at the Oolonana Camp at 4:30 AM to the sound of hippos chatting outside your luxurious tent as they discuss which grass tasted best that night.
Imagine then falling asleep a little longer to the sound of the Mara River hushing you back to Lala Salama.
Finally you are woken gently by a "Good Morning" outside your tent with a pot of hot tea and muffin.

It's then off to one of two game drives with your guide, Masai Warrior and Junior Elder Joseph, in your VERY OPEN Land Cruiser.

You watch Wilde beasts cross the river..

Your heart skips some beats as you watch the lions chow down on the meal for the day..

You whisper as you observe a family of elephants who have very sensitive ears..

You hold your breath as you look at a cheetah, the fastest animal on earth,sitting regally,staring back at you from 20 feet away..

You sit by a roaring fire and watch the sun go down overlooking the vastness of the Mara...

And blink in awe at the most extraordinary sunrise..

And you say farewell to that magical place, that place you have heard time and time again from those that have been that it is the experience of a lifetime.

And you know

it is...

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