Friday, December 25, 2009

Chrsitmas Creche Week -Redux

Happy Chrsitmas One and All...

What is it do you say?

It is a calabash.

Carved on the outside with a master's hands.

You open it up and....

There's the Creche.
It is exquisite.

Tinsel crowns adorn the Three Wise Men.

The figures are made out of corn husks.
This woven hat for the shepherd is so tiny but perfect.

The detail work is extraordinary.
This was made lovingly by a very talented Kenyan artist.

It was presented to me this year by Kate Fletcher, founder of Hekima Place and the young ladies from Hekima that she brought along with her for a visit- Leah and Beatrice.

There are no words to describe what this Creche means to me.

Merry Christmas one and all....

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