Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glutton for Punishment

Why am I trying this again??? It must be my utter obsession with potatoes and my Irish roots..

I've chosen Irish Cottage ,Mountain Rose, Maris Piper and German Butterball varieties.

This year instead of growing them in a tire, I'm growing them in a bag like the one pictured above. I bought them at Gardeners Supply, a favorite of mine from the web. Now I just have to get all the straw out of the 8 tires from last year,load them up in my car and pay money to have them disposed of at Mavis Tire..what a disaster.

If this doesn't work, then next year I will try plain old in- the- ground- with dirt and then if that doesn't work I will give up!

Here is the pathetic picture of my potatoes last year after months of growing and much effort...

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  1. Its really a good idea to grow tomatos in a bag. I too got some planting bags from Gardeners Supply.


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