Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boy am I hungry....

I have been ravenous since getting back from Kenya.

The SUPER-PriSing News- the 4 pounds I thought I must have put on while there( who goes to volunteer in Africa and comes back gaining weight?? If it would be anyone it would be me)

I did not...

I still can't figure it out.

I was in carb heaven.. My diet consisted of....rice, potatoes, bread, bread, bread, butter, butter, more bread, and fried(oh yah) bananas.

But I was not in food heaven.I had not one good cup of coffee. I was afraid to try. My stomach was very delicate.I was noxious most of the time from what I saw and what I felt in my heart... but more on that in a later post...

How did I not gain weight???

I lost one!!!

Go figure.

But since I have gotten home I have been craving food constantly. I have had potatoe salad at 10AM, sushi at 3, steak, cheeseburgers, pasta, eggs, fritos(!!!) and so on and so on and so forth.

I am a bottomless pit that cannot seem to be filled.

Which leads me to something heavenly at this moment in my life.


A wonderful escape.

The movie spoke to me in so many ways.

-I loved the way it is 2 movies in one- so clever and so hard to do.
-It was a feast for the eyes.. the sets, the costumes- all of it divine
-The food...oh goodness.. The food...I think I'm running out right after this is done, getting some Italian bread and tomatoes from my garden and making the bruschetta she made in the movie- and it wasn't even one of Julia's recipes which were mouth-watering as well.
-The acting was fantastic. Amy Adams was able to get out of being Amy Adams for once. I love Amy and her quirkiness that is in all of her movies but she was able to squelch it and be quirky in a different way- and Meryl Streep was... Meryl Streep- PERFECTION.

After you see it - not before- you'll want to read this article in the LA Times.

Julie, Julia and me: Now it can be told --

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