Monday, September 14, 2009

Ruff Ruff

 Dog Lovers out there.. you know who you are..

Did you know that sugar free gum can kill your dog???
I didn't ..

Not that I was giving them any.. but I am going to be REAL CAREFUL where I put gum and other sugar free foods from now on..

Sugar-Free Gum and Snacks Can be Deadly for Pets - Paw Nation

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  1. Hi- Didn't know about the gum. Good to know.

    I had a puppy dog cry to me in his car yesterday at the grocery store. The cust. serv. called the person, and they said that the dog is a whiner. I did not see them for at least 45+ min's. in 87 degree heat, with windows mostly open, and they said there was water. But when I called the vet they told me to call Animal Control right away! Called the store, and the girl checked, but they had left. Except that the dog should not have been in the car that long.

    ah, well... Lydia the little animals. They always talk to me, and I always listen.


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