Thursday, August 21, 2008

BARAKAS to all of you

Just heard from with my dear friend from Kenya ,Kate Fletcher - all is Joyously well there. There are 5 new girls there now who have come from Kibera, the second largest slum in the world. Here's a bit of what she said..

Dearest Friends of Hekima Girls,

...celebrated our THIRD ANNIVERSARY as a family on Mary’s Day, August 15th...

This Monday saw the homecoming of five little girls from a terrible home in the Kibera Slum. They had been sponsored by Tricia, a young woman of great vision and wisdom beyond her 23 years, and she wanted to protect them from the abuse and neglect they suffered for the last two years. They are ages: 6, 7,8,9,13 and have a great sadness in their eyes.We hope we can love them into smiles that are deep and laughter that is full and rich.

They have experienced their first hot shower and new pajamas, their own beds, bubbles to blow, jumping ropes and classroom fun in our dining room with the big sisters acting as teachers, followed by swings, and seesaw and sliding board. Tonight they see their first movie. We pray we can love them out of their past.

The house we expected to get in August didn’t materialize, but, we moved the secondary girls...

So that’s how we had space for the five little ones who needed to be rescued.I cant tell you all how grateful I am, that you have made this life possible for these little angels...know that you are a blessing,

With much love and great thankfulness, Kate and the Scholars of Hekima (wisdom seekers, all of us)

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to Faces of Kibera-whose mission to find a new home for those kids living in the Kibera slum is starting to materialize with Tricia's blood,sweat and tears. Your money ,no matter what it has been ,IS helping a great deal.And double thanks to you who have contributed to Hekima Place as well.Kate continues to amaze me- not only is she helping all those girls, but she has found time to help the Faces of Kibera organization as well and and squeeze tight to fit 5 more girls..

A little thing Kate Fletcher told me about (not related) is to buy Fair Trade Coffee. I never thought of that before- but this way the coffee pickers and growers are getting paid a decent"fair" wage. Its a little something we can do to help out those less fortunate without even thinking!.

Barakas to all of you (Kiswahili word for "blessing")

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