Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthday Blues

You wake up and think - oh yeah, its my birthday, its my birthday, then you think awhhh shoot- one more year and I'm fifty,then your hubby and some kids forget but you have a nice day anyway with your hubby and your kids (who then remember) and with grand girl and best-est daughter in law in the world. Then you go out for dinner and a movie and all is well till they decide to cancel your movie- what kind of theater cancels a scheduled movie??? So you're bummed because you finally had your husband wanting to see a subtitled movie(WHAT???) so you go home a little sad, no maybe alot sad and and then watch another subtitled movie (Excellent- The Lives Of Others- makes you believe in humanity and realize how blessed you are in the U.S.A ). Your big day is done. All in all a wonderful and sad, as usual,birthday. Then, you open up your email, one last time and voila...the perfect ending to a not so perfectly perfect day...

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