Friday, August 1, 2008

Mad About You

Something to look forward to... From what I hear Mad Men this Sunday August 3rd- is the Best Episode Ever. The New York Post said the show was " the rarest kind of TV show there is- one that you hope will never end."

Let's hear it for the girls of the maddeningly addictive Mad Men. How much does Betty Draper look like Grace Kelly? How incredibly smokin hot is Joan, the red headed curvaceous leader of the secretarial pool? How smart is Peggy and why do we still want her to get back with dirt bag Pete who, we do at times, have a soft spot for in a puzzling and peculiar way ?

So get ready ..

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  1. Dear Kaas,
    Wow...what an episode !!!(I am still reeling from it). What is going on with Peg?? Are ALL those babies hers ??? And, poor Don, I felt so bad when he had to tell Mohawk Airlines adios.and, Pete..he is a strange one. I guess I just have to stay tuned .
    love,Terriee oxo


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