Monday, October 27, 2008

Lets Bop Around For Something Good

My great pal Sloan Wainwright has been a Florence Nightingale extraordinaire in supporting her strong and brave hubby George recover from the bone marrow transplant he had in January.It has been a VERY LONG haul for them.

George is a master builder and Sloan is a songbird as well as the creator of the well loved and missed Bakers Cafe- an institution in Katonah,which sadly closed, when she decided to pursue her musical career awhile back. Mornings have never be the same for me without the Bakers Cafe.

She is from an incredibly talented and prolific songster family, which includes her brother Loudon Wainwright,nephew Rufus Wainwright, niece Martha Wainwright and niece Lucy Wainwright Roche and her and George's son Sam McTavey Phew, the pure air and water in Northern Westchester must be "really something".

So if you have time- come out and join the party to celebrate this beautiful couple. They are a true example of what love, marriage and family is all about.

And if you can't come,try to support them just the same- just go to their website to find out how.

Keep checking their website for more fun,fun,fun events in their honor in the near future.

And if you get a chance-check out Sloan's music on iTunes or Amazon and buy one of her CD's- or two or five. One could spend an entire year just listening to Wainwright music- I sure have.

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