Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Treat

I just love Halloween and miss so much making each of my four kids their Halloween outfits each year ala my grandmother Josephine - who always did the same for my Mom.

I've slacked off since they flew the coop. And now I've succumbed to TARGET doggy Halloween wear- maybe next year I'll get back to my Bernini.

How cute is my Betty Boop as Piggly Wiggly. She's sure to be a hit at the parade today.

Cindy Lou Who is not too happy wearing a Mullet and channeling Billy Ray Cyrus."I'm a girl remember"- she seems to be saying.

And- SNL put up the Halloween skit with Jon Hamm and the gang just in time.
Happy Howl-o-ween

If you're feeling artsy-craftsy-cooksy-
Martha knows how to do Halloween just right...

From Martha
Witch Cupcake How-To
This coven of witches is neither toil nor trouble. Heap on green icing; press on mini-candy-coated-chocolate eyes, a candy-corn nose, and licorice-lace hair and eyebrows. An upside-down chocolate ice-cream cone makes a wicked hat.

Boy do I miss hosting Halloween at my house-the scary room in the basement, making Witch Fingers out of Pillsbury Dough Breadsticks and herbs and of course special Witches Brew for the adults.

As Grand Girl says..
Knock Knock
Whose There?
Boo Who?
Awhl Kass don't cry...

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