Thursday, October 9, 2008

as Sarah says..."Say It Aint So Joe"

All the turmoil in the financial world has been trickling down to Main Street USA.

The darling women at my nail salon are hurting.

No one is getting their nails done(a way of cutting back I know).

But if your nails are looking bad....

and you have $12 to spare....

go out and get a manicure....

you'll be helping our economy, if only in a little way.....

With ALL this stress an uncertainty in the world right now

Sometimes its nice to just get petty and catty to make the reality go away.


Since Newsweek decided to do a close up of Sarah Palin on the cover with no airbrushing-big pores ,hairs and all...( I didn't- Ive shrunk a tiny picture from the magazine I bought )

She's such a dog huh? NOT....

I decided to give equal time-even though the front cover of NEWSWEEK will get more press than the NY POST.

While she is not touched up- this makes me wonder if Joe is??

Man+ Botox= eewwwhhhh

Call me a ditz brain.

Call me whatever you want.

But I don't feel comfortable having a man one heart beat away from the Presidency with BOTOX in his head...

PS I'm positive he's a really nice, decent man, who has dedicated himself to being a politician- which is one of the hardest, thankless jobs there is and that some "ditzy" person(not me - a Democrat) who is clueless suggested he do it.

PSS Click here and search for JOE Biden Botox - I cannot get the link to work-it's not my ditzy self -it's' the POST having internet problems.

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