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I should have realized that yesterday (HALLOWEEN) wasn't going too well-when my poor Betty Boop (who I'd been looking forward to going to the Parade with in the Village with Grand Girl) got attacked by Rosie "the Rivater" Brown. Rosie had been teased one too many times by Betty trying to "herd" her out to the back pasture and then KABOOM- Betty has a sprained front paw!!! So, no Halloween Parade this year for her as Piggly Wiggly.

Thank Goodness for the Pinch Hitter- Baby Oskar aka "baby Killer bee"- who was a big hit at the Parade- the ONLY dog there- I was so surprised..

Then to hear this...

My upstanding newspaper- The NY POST :) - along with others, has been kicked off BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S plane.

I have tried to be as unbiased as a Republican can be- but now IM FREAKED.

Did McCain kick the NY SLIMES off his plane after the horrible article about his wife? I think not.I wouldn't blame him if he did.

Now Im starting to believe the screams of Socialism and the stiffling of Freedom of Speech.

Ive heard their excuse is "not enough room on the plane."

What about their network infomercial over all the airwaves?? They can't get a big enough plane for the press- but they can have that?

...It will all be over soon, and then I can get back to musing about nothingness.

But for now..

If you're Catholic-or if you go to church or synagogue....this is an emotional, stirring little video.

...Just like my Catholic faith, I agree strongly with most things as far as being a Republican goes,but there are some things that I don't agree with. BUT it is my party and I'd much rather be a Republican than a Democrat-no ifs, ands or buts- there is much more I disagree with in the Democrat party than disagree with in the Republican.

And finally there's this too from a disabled Iraq War veteran -
one of the most watched videos on YOUTUBE...

I dont know how this is going to turn out-even though ABC,CBS.NBC,CNN,MSNBC- all seem to know- but I can sleep peacefully knowing who my candidate is and who SHOULD be the next president- not necessarily who WILL be the next one.

McCain was a prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton longer than BHO has served this country of ours.

To my liberal/Democratic friends and family- please keep reading- I don't want my candle to be blown out from your view like the NY POST..

And soon Ill be back to my jibberish-

all COMFORT,all RECIPES, all FOOD, all SHOPPING, NO politics-


AND- the NIENIE EBAY event-starts today- my very own VINTAGE sale begins then as well.Look over to the right side of the screen for details.

Have a howling good weekend...

If you have any comforts you'd like me to add(food,shopping,wine,books,music- whatever your fav comforts)to my ALL-COMFORT DAY- email me- you know my email- and if not- put it in the commments below and Ill add it to that day's blog. Thanks!

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  1. Love, Love, Love your Blog! It's so interesting (mostly because we share similar tastes--except of course I'm a Steelers fan for Obama!) However, I love Mad Men! OMG! The best. Thanks for all the SNL stuff and other links. This is great. Hope to see you next month at Kathryn's. And I'll stay in touch via your blog.
    .....from susangilb

    dont know why it wouldnt post on its own- I gave tbe ok!!


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