Saturday, November 15, 2008


Congrats to Teree for winning the Its a Wonderful Life dvd- sorry so late on the response..

Up next- my 100th post giveaway- I'll be giving Ina Garten's new book out- so get your fingers ready to post a comment when that comes up to win..


  1. Dear Kass,

    I am so excited ! "It's a Wonderful Life" is my favorite movie (and George's too).

    Love, Teree

  2. I love your writing but I also like all of your visuals. By the way, what's with that Steeler guy with the crazy hair (see, I really am a fan!). It's funny. Let's try and nail down the day and time to get together. I don't know why Kathryn thought I could do day time. Maybe in January I can do a day progarm early in the month before classes begin. Just one more hard semester and I think I'll be done. You really are Grandma Kass. It's adorable. Love, moi (p.s. I purposely ignored my Kate Spade notification--that's all I need!)

  3. Troy Polumalu(prob spelling his name wrong!!)

  4. And congrats again to Teree on Its A Wonderful Life!

    teree- YOU are MARY!!


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