Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Familes are Good for...

Wishful thinking and Losing weight right before Turkey Day without even trying...

1. Go to sister's house to hang out at dinnertime.
2. See there is no red wine in the house and suffer with old Pinot Grigio from the fridge-so you wont drink alot..
3. Try to have some homemade soup and acini pepe noodles - just like Grandma's only to find out the mixture is over a week old.
4. Decide to have her delicious homemade blue cheese dressing and tomatoes- but find out the blue cheese dressing has gone off too.
5. Decide to have some of the salad from the pizza place only to realise your niece has chomped on half of it.
6. Out of desperation - since there's no cheese and crackers or potato chips to gorge on, make Orville popcorn in the microwave.
7. Burn that.
8.Sister screams that she will make some of her blue cheese dressing for you.
9. She has no sour cream.
10 But she does have yogurt-relief.
11. Make a great looking salad with cucumbers and tomatoes- only to realize that her yogurt is french vanilla which doesn't make a good dressing to say the least.
12. Forage some more.
13.Find some old Devonshire Clotted cream which expired in May. Throw that out.
14.Find some real popcorn kernels and Crisco- make your own homemade popcorn- relief.
15. Still hungry.
26. Niece offers to make you the soft pretzel you saw in the freezer.
27. Find out after the first bite that was purchased sometime within the last century,and toss that as well.
28. Eye sister's homemade royal icing in the corner- go to dig in- only to see its as hard as a rock and it is still in the corner for a reason.
29. Finally gorge on some pate and pretzel crackers after a long work-out of trying to find something to eat....
30. Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with sis Mag and Mr Bob and call it a night-none the heavier...


  1. sooo funny !! you will thank me tomorrow that it was a dud at my house! after you left clare came home and ordered chinee food ! i ate like a pig no weight loss here!

  2. This sounds just like my sister's house! LOL!

    I hope you have a better Thanksgiving feast!



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