Monday, November 3, 2008


I found a show to help fill in the gap of Mad Men.

It's not anything like Mad Men.

It's pretty intense.

AMC is becoming the best network on TV.

Certainly makes you see GREY instead of black and white.

I didn't know what "Breaking Bad" meant so I looked on AMC to find out..
" Sometimes, life forces you to cross the line. You're going about your normal everyday routine, when suddenly something truly awful happens and all that pent-up rage you feel about your job, your marriage, your very existence, is released with unstoppable fury. Some call it "reaching the breaking point"; others call it "breaking bad."

Oh, so now I get it...

This is the show that has the MAN that stole the Best Acting Emmy nod from Jon Hamm- our love-able hate-able Don Draper of Mad Men.

His name is Bryan Cranston(Walt).

He is THAT good.

and that BAD.

His sidekick Aaron Paul(Jesse) holds his own next to the Emmy Award Winner.

It's WEEDS to the tenth degree- way better- way,way better.
Can't wait for Season Two.

Here's a treat- the first show....

After that you will have to itunes the other 7 shows for $1.99 each or wait til they repeat it again.

But you're gonna want to itunes it.

Thanks Bridgey for badgering me to watch it.

Anyone know when Season 2 starts?


Tomorrow is ALL COMFORT DAY.

Email me your recipes or shopping tips, drinks etc- so I can post them..I'll be posting ALL DAY- adding as the day goes on..So stop back often.

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