Friday, November 7, 2008


This is one night I have been looking forward to for two years now.I went to Carnegie Hall two years ago and saw the show and patiently waited for it last year but,alas, they skipped last year.

It is NOT to be missed and will sell out soon.The concert feels as if you are part of a homespun Christmas party at the Wainwright/McGarrigle home, but you're not- you're in Carnegie Hall!!

The McGarrigle Christmas Hour featuring the one and only Rufus Wainwright and his sister, Martha Wainwright on December 10, 2008 at Carnegie Hall and there will be some very special guests. Kate and Anna McGarrigle are thrilled to welcome Emmylou Harris, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Jimmy Fallon, Teddy Thompson, Justin Bond, my pal Sloan Wainwright and more!
Click HERE for more info.

Hurry before it's too late and you have to buy the tickets on EBAY.


  1. Hi Kass, Me again....It is a bit late to join this Christmas swap....but keep visiting my blog...I have plans to announce a new winter swap in a couple/three weeks!& would love to have you participate!....Thank you so much for your interest! :)...Heidi XO P.S. what part of New York do you live in?....Our family moved from rural upstate New York a couple years ago & miss is so very much!

  2. Hello Kass,
    I am so happy you like my blog...just a Grandma who likes to talk! I would love it if you would join us for Teacup Tuesday...leave me a comment when you do so I can take a peek...and your car sounds way too cute! I asked for one, but hubby said he would feel funny in it!
    Thanks for your kindess.

    Blessings for a beautiful weekend!

  3. Hi Heidi

    Im not from rural NY State- but the Pound Ridge/Bedford area..
    The new swap looks good. Ill be looking for it.

  4. Hi Susie and fellow grandma!

    Ill be joining you soon for Teacup Tuesday.

    My husband has a hard time going in the bug convertible as well- that's why he has his own car- I love my teacup-looking car!


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