Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teacup Tuesday

Who'd have thought that my very first Teacup Tuesday would bring a comforting cup- of -tea-like message from Heaven? But it did.

My mom had emailed my cousin Diane, who I hadn't seen or talked to in quite awhile. She mentioned my blog to her.

And what day was it?
Teacup Tuesday.

There she was looking at my blog and in front of her was one of her aunt, my Grandma Miranda's, cherished teacups.

Now my Grandma Miranda is not my blood grandmother- but she might as well be. She married my grandfather Joe two years after he became a widower. She helped finish raising my mom, who was 14 and my uncle, who was 11. It was hard work.

But she did it.

She did it well.

When I came along 7 years later,I was the baby that she never had.

Lucky me.

My Grandma Miranda and cousin Diane's mom, Yolanda , were thick-as- thieves sisters( all the girls in the family were named after Italian Princesses- Miranda, Yolanda, Mifalda!) I spent many a day and night over at my Aunt Yolanda's house while the two woman kept each other company.They were inseparable.

Grandma Miranda has been gone now for many years.Aunt Yolanda died a few years ago. I miss them every day.

But there it was Teacup Tuesday, and I was reading an email from Diane.

She asked if she could have one of her dear Aunt Miranda's teacups and that she would give me on of her mother's in return!

What a treasure.

So now, not only do I have teacups from all three of my grandmothers I also now have one of my dear aunt's as well. All thanks to Teacup Tuesday.

What did she send me ?

A Shelley.
She said her mother loved Shelley teacups because they were so delicate. I have always loved Shelley as well. It makes me happy knowing that the two sister's cherished teacups are sitting together in two different homes.

The picture I chose if of the two sister's teacups-together, along with a Royal Dalton figurine, "Josephine", between them. Josephine was the grandmother I never knew- who died much too soon-with two children and a husband left behind.Grandma Miranda and Nonno Joe gave it to me when they were still alive. I like knowing that she is there happily standing between the two sister cups- all three of them lived each day with one important goal-to make their family happy. What a perfect way to live!

Thanks to you,Susie,for thinking up Teacup Tuesday!!


  1. Comment from my mom who doesnt know how to comment on the site...
    My mother Josephine also loved Shelley teacups.and had several of them properly displayed in her breakfront for all to admire, I didn't know that Yolanda loved them as well. Each year when we went to Canada for our vacation my Mother anxiously went into the china store with my Daddy and chose new cups to bring back from our trip. I recall her gently looking for a very special one each year and when we returned she shoed everyone her prize! I will give you some more of her treasures because I know how you too love and treasure them Love Ya Mommy

  2. Oh what a lovely collection with such precious meaning.

  3. Oh Kass, How wonderful this story is! I am so happy for you! I know how much it means to have a treasure that belonged to a loved one...I am misty!
    Thank you too for joining in on Teacup Tuesday! Your teacups are beautiful, but the story behind them is what makes it special!

    Warm wishes,


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