Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am beside myself.

Bliss has returned.

My favorite magazine, Victoria, of which I was a faithful reader and subscriber from the start, has been revived.

But how could have missed it for a whole year??
Six issues have already passed.

I've got lots of reading to do.

So do you.I'm sure.

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I spent many a day on the front porch of my old home lying on the wicker couch,reading Victoria.I would drop everything, make some tea, listen to the birds churping and the player piano from Tess's house across the way and be in Victoria bliss.

And to think I can do it again.


Thanks to the magic of plexiglass and the sun I can sit out here even when its below zero- just as long as it's a sunny day!

Can't wait or the first issue to arrive.

It will be me,the three pooches and Doris and Rock, sitting on the porch, sipping some tea and reading my Bliss.

Oh and Tess and Mag- don't attempt to get a subscription-it's already coming your way.


  1. wow, that porch is STUNNING and so cozy! I love it! I aodre that pic too :)!

  2. They were so cute together- love all their movies together. Hard to say which is my favorite!


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