Friday, January 23, 2009


I have finally figured out why I am so obsessed with food.

Nonno Joe's first grocery store, circa 1920's.

He's the young man in the back on the left with his crisp white uniform and hair parted in the middle.

I spent many a day at his newer store, built in the 50's, packing the groceries of customers(why I'm such a bagger freak now), rearranging the magazine rack, and raiding the junk aisle of all of my favorite treats.There's nothing more fun for a foodie kid- than to go to the grocery store ,after hours with your Nonno and pick out anything you want to eat for a nighttime snack.

It's in my it must be hopeless.


  1. Oh...that looked like such a wonderful old store! I so miss the "mom and pop" stores that used to dot our cities and towns. Unfortunately, corporate America has squashed many of them (my tea room falling to the same fate).

  2. I know what you're saying and I cant tell you how bummed I never got to that tearoom- it is not that far from me!My sis Mag and I always try to hunt out good tea rooms.


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