Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless President Barack Obama

I can only imagine the excitement that our new president, his wife and children are experiencing this day. After everything else, they are moving to a new home- THE home- the White House.

I was able to go to The White House last April and it really is a home. Going to the White House is a moving experience. Can you imagine what it feels like to actually live there??

If you have not seen the well-done series JOHN ADAMS, on HBO last year, you must rent it. Tonight is the perfect night to start watching it.One of the most memorable and moving parts is below. From the slaves building the White House, to the condition of the building itself.What a different welcome our new president is receiving from that of John and Abigail. Good Luck and God Speed, Mr President.


  1. What a powerful film clip. I've had the series on my netflix queue, but I think I'll move it up now. I'm so glad you shared this today.

  2. Thanks Ruth for visiting. I was quite excited that they had this particular part of John Admas on Youtube.


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