Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Kibera to Hekima

Today's video from highlights the girls that were rescued from Kibera and brought to Hekima Place, through my Tricia and the wonderful organization Faces of Kibera.My girlfriends have become big sisters to many of these girls. The joy I feel knowing they are safe and flourishing there now is indescribable!It's like Christmas morning again and again.Thank you Daryn for bringing us these uplifting, hopeful videos!And thanks once again to Kate Fletcher for being who you are.


  1. wow!! i am speechless along with tears.Mag

  2. Just watched it. Can't stop crying. Think I need replacement hormones or at least replacement brain. Who is Daryn Kagan? The little girls are so wonderful, I can hardly believe it. M.

  3. Daryn is a former CNN anchor (and angel) who now has a wonderful website which is all about inspirational stories. Its a perfect place to start each day!


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