Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey Yinz Goin' Dahntahn Tonight?

There is a controversy in the Pittsburgh world.. Is it younz,youns,yins or yinz.. Sorta like po-ta-"toe" po-ta-to, to-ma-"toe",to-ma-to.. It's impossible to figure out the correct spelling since it is not recognized as a word. Sort of like "alot"- which is a word but not a word all at once!

All the same in the end.
And no matter how you spell it - it sounds the same "yinz".

For your non- Pittsburghers- youns/younz/yins/yinz is the equivalent of ya'll.

I can't say there will be many Pittsburghers or Steeler Nation folks not glued to their seats tonight as the "Stillers" take on "those dirty bird bastards"(a favorite saying of my late great Aunt Alice- although I added "bird" myself).


Steeler Nation


  1. Good Morning, Kass,

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Although I don't doubt you've never done chili from a can. You made Pavlova from a Martha recipe for crying out loud! I stand in awe.

    I hope you'll drop by again soon.

    I promise not to serve chili.

  2. You can serve canned chili- just make sure you're not watching the Food Channel while you're heating it up from a can..sort of a sacrilege!!


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