Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I know I was blabbering on about my goal to finish reading(not writing)a book last week-and gave the long list of the books I am in the middle of reading.

It didn't come true.

BuT it did get me reading more and I am almost half way through NEW MOON.

AND I've also added another book to my long list of books that I am listening to on my iPod.

I was intrigued to read it because of all the hoopla surrounding all things TWILIGHT.

And I was in awe of the author Stephanie Meyer.

This writer is a young mother of three. She came up with the TWILIGHT series because of a vivid dream that she had, and the rest is history.

Sort of- because there is a lot more to writing a book than a perfectly vivid dream.

The thing that she had, the thing that every writer needs, besides the idea and the passion that goes along with it is.... DISCIPLINE.

She would get up early in the morning, before her kids did, to write the book.

And its not a novella.
It's a door stopper book.

THAT is discipline.

I can proudly say that yes, I have finally finished a book I started in 1993!!!

It is 26 pages long and it has about 3 sentences on each page...

I wrote most of it while I had four little ones running around.
I brought it with me to Berlin to hone it while away from the kids.
I lost the almost done book while on a bus, having forgotten my big bag with all my stuff in it that I felt too precious to check in on the plane..

Somehow I managed to remember, with my almost fifty year old brain, the gist and started plucking away again last year.

Now, that's discipline for you!!

Looking forward to the process of




More on that to follow.

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  1. Love your book recommendations. I have many of them on my end table too. I am reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Hohsin Hamid and love it. Thanks for reading and commenting--the summer is flying by. I have to get my son to college--it's way overdue!


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