Saturday, July 18, 2009

EaSy pEasY

What to make a fussy GrandGirl for a healthy breakfast?????

BananaNana Breakfast Shake

Get out the blender, a frozen banana, frozen blueberries and 1/2 cup ice cold milk.

Break up the banana

Put it in the blender

That's too cold Kass..
Add the frozen OrgaNic blueberries- only organic berries for GrandGirl will do...

Add the Ice Cold Milk.

Turn on the blender and blend till nice and smooth.

Make sure you have the coolest straw possible and sip.

Mmmm Mmmm Good.

Now if Kass could just find some paper straws like the good ole' days..Anyone know where I can get them?

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  1. Oh Kass...what a cutie and the shake looks so yummy good too!



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