Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Hand Luke

What will we do without those dreamy blue eyes ? Paul Newman was a true gentleman. He was what a movie star should be. The list of great movies goes on and on-some of my favorites were Cool Hand Luke, The Long Hot Summer, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ,The Sting, Absence of Malice and Our Town.

But more importantly than all of that was his dedication to his family and his philanthropy work. His Hole in the Wall Gang has brightened the lives of countless kids with cancer.The site states...

"He was a man of extraordinary generosity, vision, creativity and compassion. His selfless commitment to the welfare of children living with serious illnesses has been inspirational to people around the world. Twenty years ago, Paul Newman founded The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, the first in what has grown to become the worlds largest family of camps serving children with serious illnesses. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is part of his living legacy, and for that we remain forever grateful. His leadership and spirit can never be replaced, but he has left us with a clear course for the future.
Pauls dream lives on in the joy, magic and healing power of Camp. What an extraordinary privilege to have shared his friendship and affection."

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Hole in the Wall Camps
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My favorite homemade popcorn is his of course. The pretzels, the cookies, the salad dressing ,the pasta sauce. It always makes me feel better when I buy his products, knowing the profits are helping other and that they have natural ingredients.And last but not least-what would my dogs do without their favorite dog food Newman's Own.

Bravo Mr. Newman. Bravo.


  1. Dear Kass,

    Had the opportunity to see Paul Newman on Broadway in "Our Town". Such a privilege to see a true legend perform! What an incredible actor and human being. His charities will live on and continue to do God's work.


  2. Counldnt agree more!You were lucky-I didnt get to see it-but saw it on tv.


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