Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Am Woman Here Me Roar

I cant help it. I am excited with the prospect of a woman and mother of five being our next vice president, and yes, maybe president down the road.
Both sides have been doing their spin doctoring.
But no matter, I am rooting for her.
I have my concerns as to how she can handle it all, but she is obviously an exceptionally energetic and smart woman and has a big support group,in her big family. People complain and say how can she do it with 5 children- but her eldest is in the army- he is an adult on his own now. Sure he still needs her, but not in the same way that her 7 year old does. Now her eldest daughter is pregnant and about to get married- and she will need her mom (we never stop needing our mom) but she is starting a new life as an adult as well.It looks like she's had a good foundation from her own parents.


There are remarkable people in this world- people who adopt 12 kids with special needs, hold a full time job, and the family thrives. I'm hoping she is one of those exceptional people. She really could be!

No matter how it turns out, this will be a historic election. And there are worse things that could happen than a wife,mother and grandmother running this country of ours. I say bravo Sarah- I'm pulling for you!

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