Sunday, September 28, 2008

NieNie and Mr Nie

Can't get past NieNie and her Mr. Nielson. Read their story in the NY Times a few weeks ago.

If you want to bid on something, or donate (click on the link to the right of this blog to donate easily through PayPal, and special thanks to Nie Nie's friend Lyndsay for the generous surprise of a new banner for my blog in honor of Nie Nie-isn't it "loverly"?? )

Click HERE to see the benefit blog and bid on items etc or donate something if you wish. People have donated handmade sweaters,quits, pictures,dolls, and sports collectibles etc to help with their medical bills.

As her family has said- prayers are the Number 1 thing they need.A month before the crash she posted on her blog "I love my life" with a perfect picture of her family.

Keep up the prayers for grace,strength and recovery for these beautiful young parents and their children.

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