Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knock Out

I'm going to just enjoy this while it lasts. I know the media will drag Sarah Palin through the mud but last night was fantastic for PTA members, hockey moms and the United States of America.

She may be a rip roaring pit bull, but she has to be.

McCain may be 72, but he is a pit bull himself.

He may look crooked and stiff, but that is not from age-it is from hanging from his arms between two trees for hours at a time in Hanoi.Since he was a young man, because of the torture, he cannot lift his arms past a certain height.

He is a true American hero.

I can't remember when I've been this excited about an election- I know the Democrats feel the same about their candidates .Maybe this will get people to actually go out and vote this time around.!! So for all of you who aren't registered, or weren't going to vote because their vote doesn't count- Get out and vote-get an absentee ballot if you have to, but do it. It is not only a duty but a tribute to all those men and women who have sacrificed it all throughout history so that our voices can be heard.

Click here to register.

The deadline for the State of New York is October 10th.

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