Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of the Closet

I love the quote from the movie " An American Carol" coming out next week, where they say being Republican is the new "gay". Though I don't want to diminish in any way the centuries of persecution of gay men and women out there, this is not an easy time to be a Republican and sometimes I feel like I have to keep my mouth shut or a Democrat will want to eat me alive.

Living in New York, and having just visited LA, I certainly feel that I should be hiding my allegiance in the closet-those two places make you feel like an idiot and and oddball- even though you know you're not. Watching the Emmy's last night didn't help any. Actor after actor after actor went on and on digging at McCain and Palin- any digs for Obama?Of course not.This coming from the high and mighty powers that be of Hollywood who have gotten rid of the Family Hour in television and have helped teens,'tweens and young boys and girls so much with the toilet water programming aimed at them.

But Darn-it, I'm not going to take it any more . I'm Republican. I'm Catholic. I believe life begins at conception. I believe all children when delivered, whether at 21 weeks or 40 weeks, deserve the right to be given all the means medically necessary to be kept alive and treated with dignity.

I'm voting for McCain /Palin and I don't care who knows it or what people think about me because of it. I'm proud , mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

So those of you out there like me- you know who you are. Get out of the closet.Wear your McCain/Palin button . Put on the bumper sticker. Don't be afraid just because you live in the most liberal state in the nation.

Oh and you liberal neighbors of mine, be kind, don't key my car because of the McCain /Palin sticker on my bumper.It's a fear of mine- much more so than Palin being a heart beat away from the presidency.


  1. Hey Kass !
    Awesome article regarding McCain/Palin !
    Sent away for my magnets and tee-shirts, just hope they come in time for the walk-a-thon. I also contacted our local Republican Headquarters for more items, unfortunately they were out !
    Fingers crossed more will come in soon !
    Thanks for the inspiration !
    You Rock !!!!!!!!!!!

    Terriee (Tess)

  2. Thanks Terrie

    I appreciate your support and your comments. Thanks so much for responding !! Thought Sen McCain did great in the debate.This was in the Record Review today- go out and get it.


  3. Great Article - I finally found something in the record review to be worth reading besides Local Sports !

    George J.

  4. Thanks George-it's great to know that people agree- the silent majority!

  5. Hooray! I completely agree. I'm waiting for my t-shirts, hats, pins, bumper stickers and yard signs to arrive so that I can show all of my neighbors that I proudly support McCain/Palin. I, too, hope that my car doesn't get "keyed"! (or my house T.P.'d or egged on "devil's night", aagh!)



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