Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cherry Cherry -Tomato?

I am thrilled with the Ground Cherry "Goldie" Tomato plant that I bought in May for the veggie garden. I only wish I bought more. They look very similar to a tomatillo but smaller and yellow. I tasted my "harvest of three" yesterday thinking they'd be tart, but they were so sweet- very fruity-with a hint of pineapple. It's a very tropical taste. I bet they'd be great in sangria or salsa. They are delicious. I am going to plant more next year. I looked up some info on them(it wasn't easy finding much info) and it says they have abundant fruit in August- I'm hoping thats the case here. I want to share them with my friends and family so they can taste this new treat.I'm thinking most of my f and f have never tasted these or seen them either.

On a very bummer note, some of my potatoes have disappeared. I started with about 4 plants in each tire- now there is only one red potato plant and 2 blue potato plants. I think I shouldn't have put so much hay on them-I must have smothered the rest.Hopefully it's not as bad as it looks in this picture. I had just covered them with the hay. This is the last of the tires to go on top. Now I just have to wait for the potato vine to grow, grow ,grow and then die off, then its time for the taters. I hope there will be some in there!


  1. Kathleen, I love your blog--it's so professional and complete. I'm very impressed! I like the recipe part the best (for me anyway). I will try and make the arugula and watermellon salad. And I JUST LOVE PAVLOVA!! I don't even need the fruit inside. My friend makes it all the time and I often peel piece after piece apart, especially the very next day! Anyway, seems like you're having a great summer. I read a great book this summer called The Space Between. I've also read a few loser books--the new Susan Isaacs paperback, a book called The Diary of Don Juan (although it was a wonderful portrait of Seville, Spain in 1793 and great sex descriptions). Anyway, have a good summer. Hope to see you soon. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan

    I will try to add more recipes soon.I read a book I couldn't finish- The Double Bind. I bought The Space Between and never read it but I will dig it up and go for it. You're right about the Pavlova- I was digging into the extra one I made without the fruit as well You should also try the green sauce and rice -its really one of my favorites.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for blogging back!


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