Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Potatoes on my mind

Okay so I love potatoes. I'm Irish. What can I say. The most exciting thing in the garden for me this year are my potatoes growing in tires- yes tires. I've never attempted to grow my favorite food- till now. I must say, this tire thing is pretty easy.
All you do is buy seedlings from your nursery- you only need a few spuds for each tire. I have planted blue tators in one tire and red ones in the other- trying to go with NY Giants colors this year.

You cut off a good portion of the seedling and let it sit a day or so to harden. The you put it inside the tire-eyes up and fill the tire with hay ( I like the shredded hay). You have to make sure you get inside the rim of the tires so no water collects. Make sure it is watered well- which has been no problem so far this year in the NY area - there's been a bit of rain almost daily for about a month now. Then when the plant grows about 8 inches out from the tire you add another tire and do the same thing with the hay. Ive taken pictures of the 'tatoes growing in 2 tires . It's now time for me to add the fourth and final tire. Then I will wait till the plant dies and start to harvest.

I will harvest-so they say -20 pounds per tire structure. I cant wait!!!
Did you know that potatoes are one of the veggies you really should buy organic if you can. These spuds are. And so far - no Japanese beetles have come to "bug" them.

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