Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gotta start somewhere

The Japanese beetles are slowly creeping into the garden, but much slower than last year. Im keeping my fingers crossed that the plague won't arrive.

Waiting to hear from my editor about the second draft of my  essay for Creative Non Fiction . It's my first experience with writing something out of nothing for publication. When I got the corrections ( "multo") and critique from her it was a blow to my ego, but time and reflection helped me get past and improve. Now I know her pattern, and not hearing from her for a week does not mean that I wrote the worst essay ever- it just means she has other things going on besides my essay. As my daughter Tricia always tells me- mom its not about you.

Loved the quote from UCLA Writers website- essay means to try in french.


  1. Oh, the waiting is always terrible. Being a writer means that someone can say, "hang on a sec--" and instantly you think, "What does THAT mean?" Why did the person say hang on instead of could you please wait? Does that mean she doesn't like you or your work? Was she asking you to hang on so she could run away?

    Our imaginations save us..and torment us, don't they?
    Caroline (nice blog, by the way!)

  2. Thanks. You're not kidding.Lots of both. I even emailed Andrew to ask him if there was something wrong- since 8 days went by. You need thick skin and confidence- or is that the same thing??

  3. Kathleen, you are a writer!! I love that you're going to figure out what to do with the next 40 years, let me know please, it keeps me up at night.

  4. If you figure it out before me - let me know!Lets just hope we are blessed with that long of a healthy life so we have the luxury to fret over it..


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